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:: Swami Manjulanand (Dr. Manjul Kant Dwivedi) welcomes you.

Evolution of universe comprises of innumerable invisible mysteries and elements of supernatural powers which inevitably lay their influence on every nook and corner of the earth, including human beings. One can easily regulate its impact by taming its flow. In the ancient Vedic era, our predecessors had enormous potential to experience the existence of the invisible powers. They applied their entire cudgels in making the flow of energy positive and hence enjoyed a mirthful life free of miseries. 

As time progressed and the world became more modern and advanced, people started refusing to accept the old ethics and doctrines, stating them as superstitious. This conservative approach induced profound misery among human beings leading them to live a life full of dejection. However, the overwhelming problems and failure to overcome them has compelled people to adopt the same doctrines that were once rejected. Adoption of these doctrines is feasible only through Vastu & Meditation that teaches us the art of becoming harmonious with the cosmic energy. The element of harmony ensures that we keep pace with the flow of energy all around the cosmos making immense utilization of the positive energy around us. 
You may have noticed that sometimes you feel restless on entering a building and prefer to leave that place immediately. Whereas, at other times, you can feel exuberance, peace, and tranquillity in some buildings and can stay there for several hours. Why does this happen? The answer, in fact, lies in 'Vastu Shastra'. 
Vastu or 'Sthapatya Veda' (also spelled as Vaastu or Vasthu) is a science which evolved in the Vedic era and was practiced virtually in its true sense. But later on, as times changed, the ideology was undermined and rejected by modern society. The Science of Vastu explains to us the method applied at the time of construction of the house. It acts as a torchbearer guiding in view of making a proper model of the house as well as the correct direction to be adopted in order to accommodate substantial positive energy in it. The Science of Vastu enlightens us on how to live a happier life by eliminating the stress within our mind, body, spirit, and environment simply and easily. 

To achieve our goal, we have an advisory committee consisting of specialists such as astrologers, psychologists, parapsychologist, pranic healers, Vedic ritualistic scholars, architects, interior decorators, and structural engineers. Taking the present environment in consideration, we amend and modify some of the old doctrines wherever necessary. We are a non-profitable trust functioning under the aegis of International Society for Spiritual Sciences which has been accorded with ISO 9001: 2000 Certification for its exemplary services rendered worldwide. 

Intensive knowledge of Vastu Shastra lays its multi-dimensional positive effects over the masses. Swami Manjulanand (Dr. Manjul Kant Dwivedi), Propounder of Vibrational Meditation and Spiritual Vastu Guru, founder of the International Society for Spiritual Sciences is rendering his valuable services to evolve the people from the mess of sorrow and miseries. 

In addition to providing online healing services, we explicitly conduct the process of scanning the invisible Aura, by visiting the desired place/site on a spiritual basis. Further, we also have energized Benedictory Products comprising of Yantra, Pyramid, and Paintings especially prepared for the purpose of eliminating problems like unrest, dissensions in relations, health hazards or the impediments hampering the progress of the person. We are endeavoring to enhance the proficiency by imparting a comprehensive course of Vastu. In this way, the unique knowledge of Vastu will enable you to extend your selfless service for benefitting the environment that is subject to global warming along with all living beings by adopting a significant profession like 'Green Science.' 

You are welcome to affiliate yourself with us and with our renowned institution if you desire to accelerate your knowledge about Vastu and Meditation. So far many people have benefitted from Vastu and Meditation and have been sending their testimonials. We have also received massive appreciation from media, which is playing a significant role in propagating our ‘Trust’ worldwide.

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