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An Introduction to Vastu



What is Vastu? We generally keep mum to the answer of this question. Therefore, the need is to create awareness among the masses about this multi-beneficial vedic science. A clear understanding of this subject will enable us to benefit from the spiritual experience of Vedic sages over the years and live a life of comfort and peace. It is worth mentioning that apart from several Asian countries like China, Thailand and Singapore, etc., the principles of ‘Vastu’ are being practised in various other developed western countries as well. Vastu Shastra is not merely a baseless myth but it is a scientific axiom which strikes a maximum equilibrium among the 'five elements' and shows the way to keep them, as far as possible in balance. It is based on the gravitational force, magnetic force, air & water streams, electric currents effect of environment, effect of solar rays, significance of directions, etc. 
 Our wise sages laid down the principles of Vedas millenniums ago. One part of the 'Atharwa-Ved', dealing with architecture, was the first treatise on Vastu-Shashtra. Certain basic principles have been derived from the 'Rig-Ved' also. According to the Indian Philosophy, every particle is a part of the Universe, and therefore, is affected by unseen universal forces. In Vedic epics, construction of ones own house was supposed to be a religious act. ‘Yagya’ and the rituals were conducted in the course of construction to bring about good luck and success. Construction of one’s own house is fullfilment of four 'Purusharthas'.
 There are also a lot of similarities between Vastu and its Chinese counterpart Feng Shui in that they recognize the existence of positive and negative forces (Yin and Yang) except for the fact that the latter attaches too much importance to gadgets, like fish tanks, flutes, mirrors and lanterns. This is one reason why Fend Shui is gaining rapid popularity in India.
 Construction of a building was regarded as a disturbance to the Natural environment. Vastu Shashtra shows us the way to strike uniformity with nature. It is this uniformity on the basis of which we are able to obtain the practical energy of Universal forces and lead a life of peace and concentration, which brings about prosperity and success. Our existence comprises of the five elements. It is evident that our body is also based on the five elements. The significant aim of Vastu-Shashtra is to establish a positive balance between the nature and our body & mind by construction of a building. Modern Medical Scientists undoubtedly agree that by keeping one’s head towards south, his/her blood pressure remains normal and he/she gets sound sleep. This is the principle of Vastu-Shashtra. The magnetic currents of the earth move towards the North Pole and if the head is towards North Pole, the magnetic circuit will not be completed and will cause repulsion. As a result, concentration will not be possible. Around the body of every living human being there is a natural AURA, which is known as ‘Bio-Electro-Magnetic Field’. We should make it more effective and powerful.

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