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I heard the lecture of Dr Manjul Kant Dwivedi at the Indian embassy based in America. Dr Dwivedi’s factual and scientific approach made us understand that Vastu is an important science which is at the same time useful to masses. I am really grateful to Dr Dwivedi.
By: Mrs. Sein
Wife of Indian Ambassador, U.S.A
I am in contact with Dr Manjul Kant Dwivedi for the past some months. I wanted to develop myself on spiritual front, through meditation. The guidelines given by him helped me a lot to achieve success. I feel proud on finding him near me in Washington, today. I can presume that my spiritual growth will see new heights.
By: Ms. Joyce Utmar
Retaved Woman , Balimone
I had contacted Dr Manjul Kant Dwivedi about two years ago, through Internet. A separation-like situation between our mother and father had arisen at that time. I had sent him the map of my house, and he had suggested for certain modifications inside the bedroom of my parents. We did, and since then we are quite happy. Moreover, the separation-like situation between parents has also become a thing of the past. We can meet Dr Dwivedi face to face today in Washington DC. I cannot describe the immense pleasure that I felt in my heart.
By: Jennelle
Student, Washington
We are in touch with Dr Manjul Kant Dwivedi for the past three years. We used to get. Solution of our various problems from him, off and on. We meet him for the first time in New York, today. We got benefited by discussing various matters with him. I am highly obliged to Dr Dwivedi who guided me a lot.
By: Linda
New York
I am a student. I had come in contact with Dr Manjul Kant Dwivedi about two years ago, through Internet. I was noticing a downward trend in my career. So I had consulted Dr Dwivedi on Internet. I altered the setting of my study room as suggested by him. That helped me achieve my lost status in the career. Today I can meet him my own country. My pleasure has crossed all limits.
By: Inne
Student, Washington
I appear to be an aged person as per my physique. But I am young by heart. I am unable to get rid of some evil habits, at this age. Once I came across his site on the Internet only then I came to know of Vastu. I got modified my bedroom as suggested by him. That helped me a lot in giving up ill habits. Now I am a happy man and pay thanks to Dr Dwivediji.

By: Mr. Harry
Retired Person, New York
I had come into contact with Dr Manjul Kant Dwivedi through Internet. We had some internal problems in our family. I had sent him the map of my house and I had received some valuable suggestions on account of that. I do not hesitate in telling that after following those suggestions I got rid of my problems. On meeting him toady for the first time, I feel highly obliged.
By: Faye
I am in the state service of New York. I am in contact with Dr Manjul Kant Dwivedi for the past three years. I got highly benefited from his valuable suggestions. For example, problems related to my service, and improvement in the mean behaviour of my elder son. I feel grateful to meet him today for the first time. It is my wish to see him every year.
By: Scott
New York

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