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Kumbh Retreat

:: About Swami Ji

Swami Manjulanand ji (Dr. Manjul Kant Dwivedi) is a Spiritual Guru and a world renowned Vastu expert. The Divine Grace has bestowed him with the inherent knowledge of “Vastu” and the power to communicate with the invisible energies. He uses a spiritual approach and senses vibrations of deities present in Vastu-Purusha and every particle of land and building. According to him, the whole universe is a manifestation of cosmic energies of that Super Power. If we are able to comprehend and conceive the flow of this energy, there will be no problems left. 

Swami ji was born in a Brahman family of Hardoi (U.P, INDIA), which falls within the area influenced by ‘Namisharanya’, a great center of pilgrimage where 88 thousand sages had practiced penance for knowledge and liberation. According to Swami ji in his previous life, he had come to this place to penance for want of peace but in few years realized that peace of mind cannot be achieved by escaping one’s responsibilities. Then he went back and continued his administrative work and led a family life. 

Swami’s spiritual quest in his last incarnation got disrupted and he had to leave his body. This time he appeared two months earlier from the womb and did not open his eyes for five days. During these five days, he had completed several unfinished tasks that were pending since his past life. 

As a child, Swami ji was recognized as one of the best students in the class for his versatility and talents. He had keen interests in Maths, art, poetry and photography. However, stammering came as a curse bestowed on him by the divine power and he had to accept it. 

At the age of 13-14 divine existential energy flowed in him with full swing thereby leaving an impact on his state of mind. Then there was a divine decision –“Apprise him of practical knowledge of worldly truths.” Thus he had to indulge in family business. 

According to Swami ji, 5-6 years of the last century was a turning point for several seers who were in physical body. With the grace of God they were chosen for various chores. At that time, Swami ji was selected for natural science for construction (or Vastu Shastra) and gained the knowledge of Vastu Shastra without any extra effort. He then realized that this was the first step towards his spiritual life. 

He gets the blessings of several divine personalities. He also communicates with them amid completing his professional and family responsibilities. In the meantime, his stammering has almost disappeared with the grace of Brahmarishi Bhrigu and Guru Shukracharya, and he delivers lectures in clear tone. Without having a degree in architecture, he has drafted more than thousand Vastu-compatible maps and designs which have resulted in huge successful buildings. 

At the beginning of this century, he experienced flow of eternal energy in him but he was not willing to disclose it. When opportunity came, he used his energy to help and heal the needy. A department of Meditative Healing was set up at ‘Vivekananda polyclinic’ run by Ram Krishna Mission in Lucknow where he healed the patients with the help of meditation without any fees. 

Towards the end of the decade of this century, he started receiving celestial commands that welfare of masses cannot be done just through the support of Vastu Shastra, and that he would have to “Work as a divine channel” in larger parts of the globe. 

On November 7, 2011, his Gurudev conferred on him the spiritual tittle “Swami Manjulanand ji”. His actual name, given to him by his parents was Manjul Kant Dwivedi. 

Swami Manjulanand ji is determined to link individual consciousness of human beings with that of universal consciousness so that we can establish a link with divine energy. By doing so, we can overpower all our problems and thus immense pleasure cannot be far away from us. 

Swami ji can shower that energy on us with the grace of God and help the energy flow in the cells. With this, one becomes fresh mentally and experiences tremendous peace of mind. Positive energy increases in us and capability of taking on the spot decisions goes up. This clarity also helps improve our professional career leading to financial gains. In addition, forbearance and self-confidence develops in us that help form cordial ties between us, and we also enjoy a happy and moral sex life. 

Swami Manjulanand ji has been honoured on numerous occasions in dozens of international conferences and he has delivered over a thousand lectures in various countries. 

He was accorded Ph.D. degree from Colombo for his work on the subject of “Good Health through Vastu Shastra”. For his outstanding and high quality performance of work, his society “International Society for Spiritual Sciences” has been awarded the certificate of ISO 9001:2000 by the International Body “SMR”. According to Swami Manjulanand ji, nature is equipped with all the powers. If we realize its five basic elements then we can be the channel of eternal energy. 

As you all know, our Swami Manjulanand ji is the propounder of ‘Vibrational Meditation’. His blessings reduce pain and suffering of people, ultimately leading them toward the path of liberation. He believes in, and finds it as a reflection of his inner voice in the Vedic Mantra, which pronounces, “Let all be happy, let all be free from diseases!”

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