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:: Few Vastu Tips

The Vastu Shastra is the Vedic science of building. The study of Vastu Shastra creates an awareness about how to build houses and building so that the surroundings and environment may bring happiness and satisfaction in life. The Vastu Shastra considers the astrological placement of the Sun, Earth, and other planets during the actual construction. It also considers where the building site is located, the site shape, the proposed building shape, the direction of the building, location of gates, entry doors, room doors, windows, and the general design. North and east are considered important directions east because it is the direction from which the sun rises. How Vastu Works In Vastu, three principles of design cover the entire field of design, be it a building, craft item or article of daily use. 

Bhogadyam: The designed product must be useful, lend itself to easy application. 

Sukha Darsham: The designed product must be aesthetically pleasing. The proportions of the spaces and material shape should affect the viewer in a positive manner. 

Ramya: The designed product must be capable of evoking a feeling of well-being and contentment in its user. ORIENTATION Geographical directions play a very significant part in the design of individual buildings and group housing. Many mythological stories speak of the hero walking to the east to find a teacher, running to the south to confront death, setting off toward the west in search of adventure, or walking to the north to become a healer. The physical environment affects human inhabitants in a direct manner.


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