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:: Aura Scanning


Every living and non-living object have an Aura which surrounds it. Since the time of Vedas our Sages and Hermits have recognized this and they have said a lot about it. As per their sayings a glowing circle type thing of eternal power surrounds each and every living or non-living object like a power cover. Modern scientists have carried out profound researches about Aura. Kirlean photography has attained quite a high status. It is depicted that living objects may consist of atleast a layer. This coloured Aura is an indicator of the internal state of that particular man. One's Aura indicates his, mentality, his physical state, immune capacity and also his nature. As such a mirror which always speaks truth and truth only, nobody can compel it to tell a lie.


Likewise by using Kirlean photography we can understand the energies flowing into that house and we can distinctly tell as to what is happening into the house and what likely to happen in future. If we are aware of the energy level of the house then after adopting a few remedial steps we can purify the Aura of the house and the same can be made beneficial for the inmates living there.

Aura of House - Whole universe is working on the basis of exchange of Energy. The base of the process of energy exchange is our Aura (Prabha Mandal). Our own aural environment is the house we live in and on the place we work, a continuous communication of the Auras of the houses of both the places remain everlasting. This exchange appears as vibrations. And in this way this process goes on. If this environment of Aura is of negative type then it leaves a discoloured patch in the Aura of the people living there. If this patch affects the emotional region of the particular person, in that case the person suffers with the emotional problems. Apart from this if it affects any other organ, the organ's Aura is disturbed and then health problems develop in the particular organ. And thus this process of exchange of energy continues.

Our Aura field may be oval or circular and it is layered and these layers effect our physical and moral interaction and thus it plays an important role. We can feel a new peaceful effect on oneself and by this process of exchange of aura energy of self with the environmental Aura, provided the Aura of environment be of positive aspect. A point to be noted here that the area of work of nature is very vast and it is an eternal truth. I have also noticed that the people of same aural level easily come closer to each other. It is also found that the people often intend to marry each other, if they give mutual understanding and a feeling of love with each other then their Auras are capable to communicate with each other and they also balance each other. You can very easily understand this as it happens in your life so many times, suppose you are traveling by train, a co-passenger to whom you have never met before is sitting opposite but he is looking very gentle, you are eager to communicate with him, you are unable to control yourself and keeping your hesitation aside you start talking with him and then you both communicate, it appears that he was also eager to communicate with you but waiting for how to start? Here I mean to say that Auras of both of you are reflecting the same level of energy and there was a positive flow of energy from both the ends. Now look on the other side of the picture a man is sitting opposite to you have never met before. But a feeling of hatred and apathy is developing with in you and you do not like that he should see towards you, what to say of talking to him, oh hell to it? And both of you remain silent. Why it is happening like this? Why the feeling of hatred is developing in you? No previous enmity too is there. At this juncture one is bound to think that the reason of this is non-matching Auras and improper exchange of energy.

Just to understand this phenomenon please peep into your inner side. Try to see inside of you and side by side

make a little bit of introspection too. Try to understand your inner voice and then beyond doubt you will be able to understand the flow of energy. It is explained by another example. Sometimes it also happens that as you enter a house a strange felling of uneasiness make you restless and you try to leave that place at an earliest on the other hand on reaching some other house you feel oneness and a feeling of calmness and solace is there, you can sit for hours together. Don't you feel as to how it all is happening? Then think that this is the Aura's exchange of energy flow. Let us think rather minutely. Suppose you have a five room house. Often you must have seen that you feel more comfortable in particular room and your sleep is also sound and comfortable. But often due to circumstances if you are shifted in some other room. Then you feel uncomfortable and also your sleep too is disturbed. Why it is so? This is the Vastu defect. This is only due to the non-adjustment of your Aura with the Aura of that house.

 Now I feel that you must have understood the importance of Aura as experienced by you in your routine life. You know that thumb impression differs from individual to individual. It depends on individual's own thinking, his spiritual power, effects of his previous life and also of cosmic energy etc, decides this. Normally Aura of a living person spread from 5 to 8 ft. but the Aura of people endowed with divine power may spread over miles & miles together and the people have experienced it.



Negativeness of a ruined home - No one was residing in the 

concerned home from the last few months. its staircase being damaged eventually

got broken. Negative energy was available there. See both picture.


Exchange of Aura energy depends on the close relationships and it develops with it. You may understand by this example that often ringing telephone bell gives you an intuition that someone near and dear to you is on the line on the other side, and that too without lifting the receiver. 

One more example - sometimes it also happens that you feel uneasiness while talking to a peculiar person. However no uneasiness is there but still you feel uneasy. The fact is that the particular person is trying to suck your Aura. We have frequently observed that the ringing door bell make you aware as to who is at the door. These are all the relations of love and these relations contribute to our Aura. It is a matter of exchange of energy and this exchange goes on.


In common language the Aura spreads colour to our activities. By seeing someone we say that how glamorous his face is, it means that this man has a strong based Aura. Often people say for lovely environment- “I am in pink today”, the pink in Aura is indication of love, dedication and feeling of truth and this all must be due to our inner instinct and often we repeat very frequently a sentence. It was a golden experience-“tell me why the word Golden” is used here?” Golden colour in Aura indicates the high standard of dynamic spiritual energy and it points out the entry of a new energy into oneself. It also point out the permanency of that energy.



Therefore our Aura is influenced by the environment around us where we pass our maximum time. It also remains in contact with celestial energy and is affected by making interaction to it. Apart from this the planets also affect our Aura. It has very well illustrated in detail in Astronomy. The energy emitted by the Mother Earth also effect our Aura. The Aura remains changing from time to time. The main Aural layers always remain unchanged but by our own interaction with the people we collect a bit of invisible negativity.



The science has fully accepted the truth of Aura. So many equipments have been developed to photograph the Aura. Our Aura can be scanned and now we can see as to what changes are occurring in it from time to time. Now from the digital scan system we can measure the life's energy. What is its energy level? We can also know the state of our plexuses. Apart from this we can know the ailment in our organs or the ailments likely to develop in future, in this way, we are able to know the state of our body. Similarly we can understand the environmental energy level around our house, shop, factory and office etc. and easily assess as to how the Aura of that region and the level of energy flowing in that area




Seperate families being residing in different flats of a multi-storey building.

Various type of energies being appeared on the outer walls of

different flats of this building due to their energy effect.


Now when we are aware of the energy level flowing in that area and also the places from where a lot of negative energy is emanating and is spreading in the environment the remedies are possible. In other words if one has cancer and the doctor is not aware of this as to where and in which organ cancer is developing so he gives treatment by General Medicines. And if he knows the exact place of the problem then he will be able to provide a clear cut treatment of the problem. Hence Digital Scanning is such a process which can minutely assess the flow of energy into the particular place or building. Besides the negative energies coming from within the earth and those can successfully be treated.


If any plot has excess energy, than required then such a plot is not fit for residential purposes. Even the greenery cannot develop there. On the other hand if a plot has a greenish aura, it is suitable for residential purposes. Apart from this some plots have “surgical defects”. Generally few complete skeleton or something similar to it is buried in the ground, some processes are there to pin point such things. In Vedic scriptures many spiritual principles have been laid down are successful. By experience I know that “Aura scanning” can pin point the definite place and it indicate as to which of the object is emitting negative energy. Sometimes it so happens that the material used by our elders who were extremely attached with those things which mostly emit negative energy. An experienced Vastu Shastri feels the place where such material is kept and its Aura scanning clears the picture.


We can know by Aura scanning as to whether any Tantrik activity is there or not any evil spirit is residing in the house which is playing an important role in absorbing all the positive energy. It can also be seen that after removing the Vastu defects how far the Aura is restored. I have earlier told you that our house is like our body. As you undergo a routine health check up after a time same way after every six months you should treat your home by Vastu Shastri. The logic behind this is that as our body is susceptible to attract problems. Similarly our house is also liable to be attracted by negative energies. It is therefore necessary that after a fixed interval the Aura scanning of the house be done just to check the intensity of negativeness which create problems and we must change our attitude towards the Aural effect of the environment as it plays an important role and nobody can now deny this fact.



Layers of different type of energies being spread in a small chamber.

There is presence of positive energy at the center, whereas, the same energy gradually being turning negative.
A spectacular photograph projecting an inanimate object.









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