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Kumbh Retreat

:: Affiliation with us :

Nature has provided everything on this Earth to fulfill everyone's needs. One can attain these things and live one's life happily, prosperously, and successfully. 

Sometimes man becomes frustrated and tense even in his own house after facing a series of problems, such as diseases, constant quarreling amongst members of the family, loss of business, etc. Some of these problems may be due to the construction of the house without consulting Vastu Shastri. 

In fact, the Earth and Sky emit different types of energies which can be experienced and even evaluated only by a transcendental Vastu expert. 

Swami Manjulanand ji (Dr. Manjul Kant Dwivedi) is the founder and president of "International Society for Spiritual Sciences" (ISSS). He is the propounder of Vibration Meditation and Spiritual Vastu Shastri. You will feel honored to be affiliated with ISSS.

By simply reading books related to Vastu, and by referring to these books, one cannot become a Vastu expert. If you make decisions on your own regarding Vastu, without taking advice and guidance from an experienced Vastu Shastri, it may lead to hazardous consequences. 

With the help of Vastu Shastri, all the Vastu elements available in the house can be synchronized, thus preventing eco imbalance. 

Benefits provided to Affiliates:
Our advice and guidance always available. 
Our existing and new products can be provided to the clients through the Affiliates. 
On-site seminars can also be organized as and when required by the Affiliates. 
Registration for affiliation is available online. 

Criteria for Affiliation
Affiliates must be social. 
Loving people. 
Must have faith in God.

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